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About Me

Tristate New-York good quote they are watching they are watching

Hi!!! And welcome to my website!!!

As a practising truth-seeker and journalist, I created this site to disseminate global and local truths. I work to unveil the twisted machinations of the High Society and Elite, and to encourage all who are interested in how ancient history effects today to pursue knowledge... in the furtherment of personal growth and understanding of our fellow man.

The joy of knowledge lies not in smugness, but in reaching for a greater understanding of the unfoldment of the specialness and unique individuality of the experience of human existence.

I hope that you my website's pages both enjoyable and informative..............


Best eats in CT?: Harry’s Place in Colchester (close to home, what I grew up with and a dammed good burger.
Best pizza in NY?: Not touching this discussion with a 10-foot pole!
Best eats in Jersey?: White House Sub Shop!! call it a hoagie if you want, don't care as long as i can eat it........